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What we Feed

Below is the food we currently feed our dogs and puppies. We encourage you to continue feeding your new puppy the same food they were eating here. Changing the diet of your new puppy can upset the GI tract causing diarrhea. If you wish to change the food at a later date please be sure to make the change gradually with mixing in their current food to the new food. We highly recommend continuing corn a corn free diet. 

Our food is purchased at any small privately owned pet store. If you do not have one near you, they sell the food directly from Fromm, and shipping is FREE!

If you do not have a retailer near you, visit the button below- you can order it directly from Fromm, no charge for shipping! A 33 lb bag will last 1 or even 2 dogs quite a while.


All of our puppies are fed this formula

This food is No wheat, No Corn and No soy, which all can be contributing factors to allergies in Dachshunds & Bassets.


All of our Adults & Younger Dogs are fed this formula  mixed with the above Puppy formula

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