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Recommended Puppy Supplies

We have compiled a list of products that we highly recommend to try and make purchasing things for your new puppy easier and less stressful. 

What we Feed


Both the adult and puppy formula agrees well with our entire crew. The puppy food consists of small enough pieces so puppies have a lesser chance of choking. Both foods are cost efficient yet still gives proper nutrition. Both are corn, wheat, and soy FREE. Which are all common to cause skin allergies. And can cause yeasty ear infections.

I highly recommend  both foods! This food is found at any local privately owned pet store. Fromm isn't a huge manufacturer so their food is made in smaller batches keeping the quality beyond other food brands! You will get a $10 & $5 off coupon in your puppy pack!

If you do not have a retailer near you, visit the button below- you can order it directly from Fromm, no charge for shipping! A 33 lb bag will last 1 or even 2 dogs quite a while.

Food Storage


We highly recommend the IRIS airtight food storage bins. We use them in our nursery. This bin will fit a 33 lb bag of food and already comes with a food scoop. It also comes in about 10 different colors. We order ours on Chewy.

Natural Chews

We HIGHLY recommend picking up hooves for your new puppy to chew! They LAST and are only $8.99 for a 10 pack, or 99 cents a piece singly. You can put peanut butter or coconut oil in them too! Some even fill with Kong filling! They are sold at Tractor Supply or, they're pretty easy to find anywhere online! Be sure to buy hooves only made in the USA. I am leery of imported beef hooves from other countries.

Also, we recommend Antlers, Lamb Ears, Cow Ears, Cow Tail, Himalayan Chews and NO HIDE chews. Raw hides are treated with MANY TOXIC chemicals that are not good for your dogs digestion, so please be sure to stay away from those as well as Pig Ears. Pig Ears are very difficult for dogs to digest and can often upset the GI tract causing diarrhea. Lamb and Cow ears are easily digestible. 


Both of these websites sell all chews listed!

*Just click the buttons*

Recommended Treats

Below you will find treats/brands we highly recommend. We are very careful to select treats that are made in the USA. PLEASE AVOID anything Purina, Pedigree, Ol Roy, or anything you can buy in the supermarket or large store chain. 9/10 they are NOT safe for your pet. If you are unsure of something, please feel free to ask us our opinion on it, we are always here to help. 

    K-9 Granola Factory makes the best treats! Below is some of our Favorites. We get ours on White Dog Bone.

  • Yogurt & Peanut Butter Drops

  • Coconut Chips

  • Soft Bakes 

  • Banana Chips

  • Green Bean Chips

  • Pumpkin Crunchers (comes in many flavors)

  • Simply Biscuits

  • Coconut Flakes (Makes a good food topper)

  • G'Nuffs

       You can find the treats below on Chewy, if not on Chewy then just  google them.

  • Fruitables! ALL flavors! Cannot go wrong, chewy carries them- and many other places!

  •  Zukes-  They have  a VARIETY of different treats. We also love Zukes skinny bakes. You can't go wrong with their line of treats.

  • Grandma Lucy's Organic Teddy Bear Cookies, all flavors, tons of different ones! 

  • The blue and pink frosted cookies are called YoPup- they sell them on Chewy. They are probiotic cookies!

  • Earth Animal No Hide Salmon Stix I have sent home occasionally and highly recommend them. (They are the same but smaller size as the ones posted in the natural chews section)


Crate and/or Pen Set up

An exercise pen is also a valuable tool for training your puppy. We use these for our puppy set up bed, water and food bowl, toys, and a puppy pad. Most pet stores carry exercise pens, however we prefer the BestPet Play Pen. We have started using these over the plastic ones and love them. This is a great option for folks that will be away for more than 4 hrs. We prefer the 32" one but the 24" works just as well. 


Crate training is highly recommended. It keeps your pup/dog safe while you are not home, or when sleeping- if they will not be sleeping with you. Make sure that the crate is big enough to stand, turn and lay comfortably. Too large of a crate and the pup will have room to potty and lay at the other end. So be sure it is not too large. 

* has tons of crates to choose from*

Potty Training Aids


We love to litter box train our babies when it is possible. Especially with bigger litters as disposable potty pads become instant confetti. We prefer the large size even for just a single puppy.


For our litter boxes we prefer to use pine pellet bedding it works wonderful for us. As it gets wet it breaks down to sawdust. There are several kinds of dog specific litter as well. We purchase ours at Tractor supply.

The potty patch is great for the winter months or for when you aren't home and are still house training. You can even place it in one end of the puppy pen in place of a pee pee pad.

Washable potty pads are a life saver for some. Puppies love to tear up the disposable ones. So these are great! Us personally,we use the disposable ones or litter boxes. But these for 1 pup would be great!

Alot of our customers have used potty training bells. They have had great success in using these to teach there puppies to go to the door to let them know when they needed out.

Pet Stain Removers


We highly recommend Nature's Miracle Citrus stain and odor remover for the carpeting and Nature's Miracle Hard Wood Floor cleaner for your wood floors. Citrus works best to remove odors in my opinion! It's a great product!


Those of you with lots of Carpeting, this little machine may be a miracle worker. Spot bot pet allows you to deep clean those pesky little pet stains on practically any surface. The cheapest I found was on Chewy. Click the button below!

Food & Water Bowls


Food and water bowls are tricky. It took us a lot of time to find something that the pups wouldn't tip over and make a mess with. So we finally found Snappy Fit bowls. They screw on with a bracket to our pens and then the bowl snaps into it. If you plan to do a pen set up, you have to have these! They are awesome. We use the 8 cup bowls, however you could do the 4 cup since it will be for 1 puppy.

For every day use, we suggest something that is difficult to tip over something similar to the photo be posted to the left. You also want something that is easy to clean. Puppies like to climb in the bowls and explore, and this design helps make the mess a little less! LOL! I am sure they come in other colors/designs, just stick to a bowl built like this.  We just typed in no tip dog bowls on google!

Vitamins & Supplements


We are a huge fan of a one a day vitamin. Our mommas get these daily. They are a great option for keeping your pets health balanced. 


We give our dogs a one a day probiotic for optimal GI tract health. It keeps them balanced with all the dirt, and grass puppies eat that introduces bad bacteria to their system. I love the probiotic chews, makes giving easier!





Collars, Leash, Harness

So many collars, such little time. Blueberry collars come in so many different designs and patterns and are made so well! We highly recommend them!


Harnesses can be tricky for Dachshunds & Basset Hounds. The ones made more like a bra don't really work well since doxies & bassets have broad chests. Something padded that wont ride into their arm pits is best, we highly recommend Puppia Brand harnesses. The link below will take you to chewy to purchase, however if you google them I'm  sure there is a ton more places to purchase from with more colors/designs.

For leashes we prefer the retractable kind. And we suggest Flexi. If your dog is good on a leash and does not pull. If they tend to pull more its best to use a nylon leash so you have more control for there safety. Nylon leashes come in a ton of colors and patterns!




With so many toys out there, how do you know what to choose? Well for us, it has been trial and error. We recommend Kong toys above all else. They are durable and last a bit longer than typical toys. We also recommend the "tough toys" and the line called Pet Stages while they are still puppies. We also love stuffing-free toys with squeakers. Remember, if you purchase tennis balls or rope toys, supervise your pup/dog with them since they can cause blockages if they eat them. Stay away from any plastic, or flimsy squeaker toys they are dangerous. 

*For stuffing- free toys search google there are tons of them*

Spay/Neuter "Cones"


A lot of my clients have come to use for an alternative to the bulky plastic cones for when their dog was spayed/neutered. We suggest one of two things. One is the kong cloud collar, it's more like a travel pillow. Also, clients have found that newborn onsies work well too! 

Humane Bark Control


Doxies & Bassets are known to be a vocal breed. Usually some training can get that under control, however some doxies can be a bit relentless with it. We HIGHLY recommend these collars. They are a NO SHOCK collar. They use beeps and vibration for correction. We have had very good luck with them, as well as some of our clients that have purchased them.  They come in several colors, such put in Dogrook Humane Collar in Amazon search.

Travel Bag


We stumbled across this little gem and thought, wow! It's a diaper bag for dogs. If you are an active family, or like to travel a lot- I think this would be a life saver!! 

Travel/Car Safety


If you love to be outdoors and your fur babies loves to go along for outdoor fun Car seat protection may be a must. This will protect your car seats from muddy feet or a wet dog. So they can be included in all the fun to. 


Having your fur baby safe in the car is a must. If your dog tends to be all over the car or you are traveling a long way alone a car seat for your dog/puppy or seat belt is a great option. Its best for everyone to get where they are going safely. 


Some dogs/puppies ride better in a crate in the car as it is there safe place. A great option is a soft sided crate for them to feel safe and its easier to take along on trips or car rides.



Steps and or ramps for furniture are a great investment if your fur babies are allowed on the furniture this teaches them to use these options to get up and down. Jumping up and down can be hard on them if they were to land wrong. Also as they age this will get harder for them to be able to jump so this is a safe way for them to get up and down if you are not right there to help them. We have used this brand (Pet Gear) and love them they are hard plastic and light to move around but they are sturdy so they are not shaky while your pet is using them.

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