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Martin’s Hounds
   Owner / Breeder Jody Martin
Deposit Contract

I require a $350.00-$1000 non-refundable deposit on any puppy to hold them for you until they are ready to go home. On occasions where the buyer is not local I will require an additional deposit. The exact amount will be determined upon determination of the buyer’s location. I will also require a signed deposit form when deposit is made. You can make your deposit in a few different ways...You can pay with square (preferred- 4% processing fee is required--this is charged by Square). I also have other payment options available upon request from seller.  I also accept cash.


Out Of State Buyers
 The only way I can accept a deposit is through money order, cashier’s check, or Square (preferred option) Please do not send cash through the mail! Even though you are out of state I will still need a signed deposit contract and a sales contract (sales contracts are done upon pickup), I will mail them too you, you will then need to send my copy back.

Deposit Refunds
The only way a refund will be given is if something happens to the puppy in my care. Then you will have the option to transfer the deposit to another puppy or have a refund, refunds will most likely be given in payments. Under no other circumstance will a deposit ever be refunded.


Final Payment Options
Final payment can be made by cash or by credit card through square (this will need to be done at least 48hrs in advance).


Out of state customers
Money order, or credit card through square as final payment. No personal checks are accepted for final payment. Final payment needs to be made by the time the puppy is 6 wks. old to prepare for shipping or drop off, if payment isn't received by then and you haven't contacted me the puppy will be put back up for sale. Please keep contact at all times!


Deposits for Waiting List
The deposit for a waiting list is NON refundable, it is however transferable to any litter that you would like it placed on. Amount of deposit will be discussed at the time of issuance to the list.

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