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Basset Sales Contract

 Martin's Hounds
   Owner/Breeder Jody Martin
    Puppy Contract /Health Guarantee: 

Seller certifies that this puppy is a purebred Basset Hound from American Kennel Club (AKC) / Contential Kennel Club (CKC) REGISTERED PARENTS. This puppy is of good health and free of communicable diseases. Seller guarantees puppy’s health for 72 hours after sale. During these 72 hours it is recommended that the puppy be checked by a licensed veterinarian,** this visit is required for this health guarantee to be valid.** Buyer assumes full responsibility (100%) of all costs and care of the dog after sale and during the span of Buyer’s ownership: vet bills testing, housing, food, and medicine, etc.). If puppy is found to be unhealthy within the 72 hour period Seller must be notified immediately. A copy from the vet with full description of illness is required.** Puppy will be only replaced. No vet bills will be refunded at any time for any reason. ** Seller Guarantees the health of said puppy from ALL LIFE THREATENING  GENETIC/HEREDITARY diseases until 12 MONTHS OF AGE.  If the pup is found to have a life threatening genetic/hereditary disease, I will replace the pup with a pup of equal value. NO MONETARY REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN!!! If buyer does not keep up with proper wormings, heartworm prevention or vaccines this contract/guarantee will be null and void.

I do not cover for any internal parasites (Coccidia, Giardia, Worms etc.) once the puppy leaves my home. Many are very common puppy illnesses that can occur at anytime, usually brought on by stress, and are usually very easily treatable. Buyer agrees to be responsible and continue vaccinations and heart worm preventative.  DO NOT TAKE YOUR PUPPY TO REST STOPS, PUBLIC PARKS, PET STORES, WALKS AROUND THE BLOCK, OR ANY PUBLIC PLACES WHICH COULD HAVE BEEN CONTAMINATED BY SICK DOGS THAT MAY CARRY COMMON CANINE VIRUSES, BACTERIAL DISEASES ETC. , UNTIL ALL PUPPY VACCINATIONS ARE GIVEN, THESE COMMON CANINE VIRUSES AND DISEASES ARE VERY CONTAGIOUS AND OFTEN DEADLY. I also do not guarantee the following on any puppy sold: future development of Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD), Elbow dysplasia, any form of turn out in legs or development of Pan hernias as they can occur at any time. I do not cover for alopecia (hair loss in dilutes) as this can occur at anytime. If death occurs during the health guarantee period, breeder requires a Necropsy (animal autopsy) for verification of cause of death by a Licensed Veterinarian at Buyer’s expense.

NO CASH REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR ANY REASON!! *** If you choose to back out of a sale you are forfeiting all monies paid. Depending on the reasoning and how the transaction was handled, in the future I may consider the amount paid to be a value towards a future puppy. You must keep contact with me at all times! If something happens to the puppy of your choice in my care then the puppy will be replaced with a new puppy of equal value.

You have  purchased your puppy as a PET ONLY/with NO PAPERS. You hereby agree to have the puppy (female) SPAYED by the age of 8 MONTHS or (male) NEUTERED  by the age of 6 MONTHS  ** Or at the discretion of your vet .****  YOU MUST PROVIDE ME WITH PROOF FROM VET!!!! You agree to not breed that puppy under any circumstance (not intentionally, not unintentionally, and not accidentally). If no proof is provided legal action will be taken, as this is a legally binding contract.  

This agreement becomes null and void due to any injuries or neglect regardless of whether accidental or intentional. So please be careful and watchful of your new puppy.

Breeder does not guarantee adult size on any puppy sold. Food, diet, exercise, age, and metabolism of each animal are different and have a direct impact on the adult “maintenance” weight. Seller states that said puppy is bred from 2 dogs that both qualify as Standard or Miniature Dachshunds .seller will try and give you an IDEA of the size of puppy from experience in past litters.

Breeder does not guarantee the color or pattern of said puppy, I can only give you my best opinion and knowledge. Some puppies change with time, and age. I do promise to give you the most accurate description from previous experiences.

Contact Agreement:
 I am a breeder that likes to keep contact with all puppy clients. I do have very strict agreements that come with purchasing one of my sweet babies. I ask that you keep some type of contact with me the entire life of said puppy/dog.  I request photos every now and then to see that my pups are healthy and are being well taken care of and that you are abiding by terms of agreement.  If you move I ask that you contact me with your new address as AKC requires me to keep all puppy owners information UTD. If you do not agree to this then please let me know prior to purchasing a puppy, if a deposit is placed on the puppy and you later decide you do not want to agree to terms of sale (as stated on my site) you WILL NOT be refunded. 

Future Re homing: 
Buyer agrees that if the time arises that Buyer can no longer provide a home for the puppy/dog, the Seller will be contacted. The dog MUST be returned to the Breeder at complete expense to the Buyer. This ensures puppy/dog will never be placed in a shelter/rescue or into the hands of an irresponsible pet owner. NO refunds are given  on rehomed pups. ***** AT NO TIME SHALL BUYER SELL OR GIFT THIS PUP WITHOUT BREEDER'S CONSENT****

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